Drinking some black-eyed pea vodka drinks at Black Eyed Distillery in Fort Worth’s Near Southside.

For anybody who’d like to add me on their Nintendo Switch, my Friend Code is:


My first PC since 1998 (!) and nobody is more surprised than I am at how much I legitimately like it.

Steph and I recently took a trip out to the deep west Texas desert. This abandoned (? – maybe not) gas station was in the tiny town of Sheffield, TX.

Tracks are back! (I found this in a local vintage shop here near Fort Worth and couldn’t resist, being a big fan of/advocate for rail transportation. I just wish I’d had this eight years ago during Steph and I’s epic cross-country train ride to PDX!)

I’m definitely still learning how Micro.blog works, but if I can get my head around it, this might be a great alternative to my usual social media outlets, all of which I am getting increasingly annoyed at.

Drinks & Vegan Pizza at Pizza Lounge

The long process of cleaning out ten years of junk from the house continues, so we rewarded ourselves for making a successful junk run with vegan pizza at Pizza Lounge in Dallas, which I accompanied with a Crackberry from Bishop Cider. Pizza Lounge.

A New Site

It’s been way, way too long since I had a site of my own. I’ve been wrapped up in the corporate social media universe for so long that I’d started to wonder if I had forgotten what it was like to have a place of my own, something that I owned myself. So I’ve decided that 2018 is going to be the year I make some changes, and part of that is going to be getting myself back into the independent, self-hosted web.

So this site here will be a blog, but also a repository of links to work I’ve done elsewhere, and a place to host my own micro blog for quick updates, links, photos, check-ins, whatever might be fun to share.

Thanks for stopping by. I’m looking forward to getting this place up and running.